[stream] Teen Mom // I Wanna Go Out

I’ve been out of the new music game for quite a while now. Limited browsing of music sites, almost no sampling wares in the usual available digital spaces, and – the biggest departure – little to no music blog perusal. I’ve had occasional luck in catching mention of something new and pressing from old standards of excellence on twitter or elsewhere, as was luckily the case with DC’s Teen Mom from Everybody Taste/Analog Edition maven Matt.

Accompanied for standout track “I Wanna Go Out” is a nearly perfect video, capturing a time back when everything that happened was the most important thing in the world and nothing made as much sense as your favorite pop song. Completely inhabiting that personally foreign yearning for autonomy and youthful exuberance on display so well in the song, is footage from what seems to be an old(ish) film that syncs beautifully with the emotion and tone of what being a teen is. I would have quoted this in my yearbook were it a decade older.

But don’t listen to me; turn it up loud, watch the video, get goosebumps, and recapture a feeling that hopefully isn’t too far gone.

Buy the wax here. Unfortunately for you, if you’re new to Teen Mom it’s too late to grab clear vinyl like I did, but regular black is still available.