[stream] Ski Lodge // Just To Be Like You

ski lodge just to be like you single cover

We tried tried tried to get Ski Lodge to come to Rochester last March when we were putting together our 3rd Birthday Show, but we just couldn’t work it out. His self-titled EP, which came out in September of 2011, was a four-song burst of indie pop energy, and it was one I ended up playing quite frequently, and buying on vinyl as well.

Ski Lodge’s new single – “Just To Be Like You” was announced yesterday – and it retains all the musical hallmarks of the previous material, but the vocals have taken a slightly more melancholy bend. I don’t have any complaints about that fact; the song is rather Smiths-esque in that sense, combining downtrodden lyrics with jangled, upbeat pop.

There’s no official word about a full-length release beyond a cryptic “stay tuned” but I’d have to imagine that if Andrew Marr (the lone man behind the Ski Lodge moniker) is releasing singles, something longer has to be in the wings. Until there’s something concrete that way, this should do us all nicely.

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