[stream] Saol Álainn // Nostroke

nostroke cover

It’s been about 18 months since the launch of No Recordings, who, in their short time in existence, have become one of our favorite little labels, churning out a steady stream of limited singles, releasing one every four months or so.

Their fifth release became available for purchase on November 12, so we’re a little bit behind on highlighting it, but it’s so good that if you missed it like we did, you should carve some time out to listen multiple times. From Saol Álainn, the single’s A-side is called “Nostroke”, and it’s a minimal masterpiece of skittish electronic flourishes and Álainn’s feathery lilt.

If you haven’t purchased anything from No Recordings, be prepared for the same minimal feel to the physical record as well. Each record and sleeve is handstamped individually, contributing to the overall aura of both the release itself and the label. In an industry that is so often consumed with the acquisition of as much music as possible for the least amount of cash, it’s refreshing to be able to support those who still take the time to craft their releases.

(Also, take some time to explore Saol Álainn’s website, where you can find an equally riveting demo version of “Nostroke” on piano.)

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