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phoenix entertainment cover

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll notice that there are very few times where we are not being sarcastic or snarky. One such time was the recent unveiling of the name, track list, release date, and cover art for the long-time-coming new Phoenix album. I just don’t see the point.

That said, today we actually have something of substance from the long-dormant Versailles band – the first single from the upcoming Bankrupt! – called “Entertainment.” It’s no departure from what Phoenix fans stuck spinning Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix for the past four years will expect, but if you were hoping for some growth or change in sound, you might end up disappointed. I hear traces of every song on their last album in play on this new one, but particularly “Girlfriend” in the first part of the song.

Then again, there’s a reason why Phoenix took over the world in 2009 with their last album. It might be the same as before, but damn if it doesn’t work at getting stuck in your head immediately, like it or not. That takes a special kind of talent.

Bankrupt! will be released on April 22. Chances are we’ll hear another single or two before that release date.

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