[stream] Philco Fiction // Finally

Something I really love in song lyrics is specific details drawn through from the writer’s life. Little things recalled by the writer which for all intents and purposes should actually be meaningless to someone who didn’t experience them – the way someone was sitting, the way a particular place name resonates. People like Jarvis Cocker or Gareth Camepesinos! are naturals at it, and this kind of lyricism is what really made me fall in love with this track from Norway’s Philco Fiction.

The song centers around the breathy chorus “Your heart was colder than the winter of ’81; my mind was made up the winter of ’82”. I just love that lyric – it’s simple yet exceptionally vivid, despite the fact that I don’t actually know how cold the winter of ’82 was for this girl. But an entirely personal an unknowable detail like that, put to song, has quite a moving effect. It’s sung in a sweet, breathy, feminine hush, backed by gently pulsing guitar and synth. It has the cold, open air of a Nordic winter, but swells and swells like a growing snowstorm.

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Philco Fiction, who formed in 2003, are signed to Oslo based Brilliance Records. “Finally” can be found on their forthcoming album Take It Personal, out 30th of August.

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