[stream] Painted Palms // Carousel 7″

Painted Palms Carousel Single Cover

I saw Painted Palms open for of Montreal nearly two years ago at this point, not long after their stellar, six-song EP made its way into my possession and I listened to it non-stop. Even now, “All Of Us” still makes its way onto various mixes. The concert left me unimpressed, however; the band seemed a little off that night, and largely bored during the performance. (To be fair, Rochester isn’t always the most exciting place to be on a Tuesday at the end of April.)

That said, I’m not the type to write a band off based on one performance or even an album – there needs to be a string of disappointment for me to give up hope altogether. Luckily for the guys in Painted Palms, their new single, out at the end of March through Polyvinyl, more than makes up for any remaining distaste from the aforementioned concert.

“Carousel” is the A-side here, but the single’s B-side, “Click”, is equally impressive. The A-side is a mid-tempo track that reminds me of later Starflyer 59 – slightly aloof, but totally convincing at it. The sense of malaise at work here isn’t the same as what I witnessed, and the band has rounded their sound out a lot in the intervening time. “Click” picks up the pace, and taken together, this is a nice reminder that Painted Palms isn’t a one-off, one-sided band. Stream both sides of the single below, and pre-order it on vinyl through Polyvinyl.

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