[stream] The Men // A Minor

Unfortunately I missed The Men when they played Bug Jar last week. With my birthday last Saturday, I was just too busy to make it work, but I made it up to them in part by purchasing their debut album on vinyl on Sunday. I hadn’t listened to it before hearing their solid new album, Open Your Heart, but I loved the energy and brashness that one displayed.

And then, I we got word in our inbox that the band was releasing another new song, this one called “A Minor.” Their label, Sacred Bones, is releasing a compilation in conjunction with Record Store Day, and “A Minor” is a part of that release.

The track is large, winding it’s way over the course of the it’s eight-plus minutes, sounding like it could be divided into a couple of different songs. It showcases what drew me to The Men’s most recent effort; the Brooklyn band defies being put into simply a punk category, incorporating fuzzy psychedelics, country twang and eschewing the need for vocals for the most part. Stream the epic “A Minor” below and head back to check out Open Your Heart to see what you’ve been missing.

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