[stream] Lotus Plaza // Strangers

Lockett Pundt is Lotus Plaza. He is also the lead guitarist for my favorite band, Deerhunter. As I waxed rhapsodic last October in reference to his cover of Cut Copy’s “Where I’m Going,” as well as in describing many of my favorite Deerhunter tracks (seemingly often penned by him), Pundt excels in crafting beautiful, guitar driven anthems. On “Strangers,” the lead single from forthcoming sophomore effort Spooky Action at a Distance, the chiming guitars once again prove lushly gorgeous. Pundt is also an understated vocalist, allowing for the instrumentation to occupy more space. As the tracks progresses, the guitars wind down and the tempo slows, until the track finishes abruptly.

I’m strongly anticipating this record, and might venture to my old stomping grounds in Ithaca for his live date mid-April.