[stream] Les Sins // Grind

les sins grind cover

One of my favorite albums of the young year has been Toro Y Moi’s Anything In Return. It might not be the “best” of 2013 when all is said and done, but it’s a solidly enjoyable album from start to finish, and it achieves Chaz Bundick’s stated goal of releasing a pop album. Bundick, however, is never content with a three year album cycle of release, tour, write, record, and his side project, Les Sins, is evident of that fact.

This track, “Grind”, is from a new single under the Les Sins heading that will be released next week through Dan Snaith’s Jiaolong imprint (which, if you’re paying attention, was the title of the Caribou mastermind’s own side project album last year). It’s more dance than pop, though those lines often blur and mesh together in my head. The song itself is a rumination that centers around the lyrics “all in my soul / girl I gotta grind.” If you’re looking for something substantial lyrically, this won’t be for you, but if you’re searching for something to dance around your apartment mindlessly to, you just found it.

I can’t for the life of me find if the single – which will be released on 12″ wax along with a B-side titled “Prelims” – is available for preorder. I suppose we will all have to wait for next week to know for sure.