[stream] Leon Bridges // Coming Home

leon bridges

My, how the months just slip away from us.

I had intentions – the best of them – for writing more consistently in this space, and then I had to go and get a new job and take a few classes, and my best laid plans just went completely awry.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not still hanging around the music blog spaces, occupying the darker corners, observing.

I know about the impending sale of Hipster Runoff, bb. I know we’re no longer being indexed by Hype Machine. I signed up for the Keep In Touch series.

I know about Leon Bridges.

There’s that part of High Fidelity where Barry accosts a customer about The Jesus & Mary Chain picking up where Echo & The Bunnymen left off. This scene is echoing in my head when I listen to Leon Bridges, only with respect to Sam Cooke.

I’d have to imagine that it takes fifty or so years for a voice like Cooke’s to come along. And while labeling Bridges as Cooke’s long awaited heir apparent is likely premature, the promise contained in the two demo songs on his Soundcloud page is enough to warrant it.

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