[stream] KOPPS // L.A. Lights (David Lee Rad Remix)

KOPPS L.A. Lights

Rochester’s KOPPS have been a budding band throughout 2011, with Kyle O’Hara producing infectious synth-pop melodies that are carried on the shoulders of singer Patricia Patrone’s vocals – and a powerful set of vocals they are.

The group turned a new page with the high-quality production on their single “L.A. Lights” with the help of Joywave’s Dan Armbruster. Contributing to the Rochester love-fest, local DJ David Lee Rad has given it the remix treatment, creating a downtempo, stutter-step version that is blissed out in a totally different direction than the original. Makes sense being a remix, right? But David injects a bit of hip-hop style to the mix. Add in some synth twirls and whirls, and you’re left with a number that’s as catchy as the original. Never one to be a huge fan of remixes, this one’s a keeper for sure.

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