[stream] Joywave // Tongues (feat. KOPPS)

joywave 88888 coverI’m trying to remember when Joywave’s 77777 mixtape came out; if my memory hasn’t failed, it was in the spring of 2010. In the intervening time, the Rochester band has released a 7″ single in 2011, an EP titled Koda Vista in 2012, and endured a couple of line-up shake-ups. Undeterred, the band is putting out a new mixtape shortly, this one entitled 88888, which is extremely low milage for three years time. The new mixtape will re-imagine and re-work ideas from the aforementioned EP.

So far the band has released various tracks here and there from the upcoming release throughout the music blog landscape, and this most recent track was unveiled this past Tuesday through Interview Magazine. Entitled “Tongues”, it features Patricia Petrone of another Rochester band, KOPPS. Look for 88888 in the near future. Like, this Monday.

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