[stream] Jagwar Ma // The Throw

The arc of a new band’s career is often a fascinating thing. The attention certain bands get while others languor in obscurity often seemingly has no rhyme or reason to it, and many (perhaps) undeserving outfits receive notice (again perhaps) at the expense of other contemporaries. This is not a new observation, but it remains an intriguing one. It was with surprise then that I saw Pitchfork finally threw some coverage the way of Australian trio Jagwar Ma, though maybe surprise isn’t the proper word. The band has only been tangibly around for a bit over a year, crowning with the release of the beach-psych crooning of “Come Save Me,” which I would have thought would be an engaging enough slice to pick up on that site before now. When researching I actually found yet another hype-worthy track I’d personally slept on, called “What Love?” on the band’s SoundCloud page. Using Pitchfork as an arbiter of what’s hip is not exactly Mensa level, and I’m betting my musical sabbatical of 2012 is a large part of the issue, but I’m glad the coverage of the duo is picking up elsewhere besides on the blawgs.

Pitchfork tossed out comparisons to The Music (whom I have loved and lament the downfall of) and Perry Farrell (whom I did not engender many feelings for either positively nor negatively), and I can get behind both. Composed principally of beats man Jono Ma, Jack Freeman and former Ghostwood vocalist Gabriel Winterfield round out the lineup. As with both previous tracks, “The Throw” does not skimp on serious grooves, and the vocals are for serious. With an array of styles all melded congruously through these utterly engaging and enjoyable 7 minutes, there is something for anyone to latch on to.

Even if you rely on us instead of other far more reputable outlets for what is new and exciting, don’t sleep on Jagwar Ma, because you’re sure to be hearing more about them one way or the other soon.

  • A bit of Panda Bear/Brian Wilson in there as well. I like it.