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There is something to be said for simple, quality music. No frills, nothing crazy – just solid, relatable songcraft. In a world (or at least at an atmosphere of blogs) like this, there is something to be said for music that is constructed in a quality manner and music that simply moves you. The Elliots, a product of Gothenburg, Sweden, ably fill this void. And strangely enough, a friend of mine from Gothenburg recommended these guys to me. A four-piece outfit, The Elliots have been making music together since 1990.

Comprised of vocalist Petur Olafsson, guitarist Christian Rosengren, lead guitarist Fredrik Berggren  and drummer Mathias Flodin, the Swedish foursome specializes in powerful indie rock with heartfelt lyrics and solid instrumentation. When I listen to their new album, Love|Decay, which will be released on June 10, I get strong vibes of U2, Editors, and Coldplay. There is a sweeping amount of bombast, but at its core, strong songcraft and honest emotion pervades. This is especially apparent on “Never Let You Down” – a sweeping anthem that truly reminds me of Coldplay or Editors at their most grandiose. I can imagine a song like this truly filling an entire arena.

Though there is no doubt that The Elliots can easily fill an arena with their awesomeness, but where the band really excels is in their quieter offerings. “Kill For Love” is an understated number that demonstrates the plaintive lyrics of Olafsson that works beautifully in conjunction with the simply accompaniment/instrumentation of his bandmates. The song provides the story of a heart-broken, distraught man, who clearly has no problem defending and taking what he believes to be rightfully his. The scary part is that Olafsson sounds calm, but intent, in the entire song. His voice never reaches above the same level. The delivery remains the same. It’s truly a slice of noirish goodness. The Elliots deliver darker indie rock.

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The Elliots – When Evil Happens