[stream] Introducing // Decades


It seems apropos to end 2012 with a band that’s named for a measurement of time. Decades hail simply from Canada; they don’t give any indication of their specific whereabouts in that nation’s vast expanse. (If someone wanted to make assumptions, it might be safe to say that they’re from Toronto, judging by the fact that they’re playing a New Year’s Eve show tonight with Young Empires.)

The band’s music is self-labeled as Melodramatic Popular Song; I’m picking up Interpol vibes on the band’s only single, “Can You Love Me Now” b/w “Celebrate.” The two tracks were released on 7” wax earlier this year through White Girl Records; apparently the label had been having difficulties with the shipping costs, but everything is now copacetic. Get your orders in.

Instead, I’m going to have to remain content to play the band’s limited output on solid repeat through Soundcloud. It’s not ideal, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay after a particularly busy Christmastime.

Here’s to you and yours for a safe and happy New Year.

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Decades – Can You Love Me Now

Decades – Celebrate