[stream] High Highs // In A Dream

Were I a scientist in another life, one in which I spent my educational years pursuing a path of repute much more diligently than I may have in the present one, I’d like to think I would focus my research on brain chemistry and its relation to music. Specifically, I’d examine how certain types of music appeal to people, and which characteristics and genes respond to what types of music. I refuse to look into whether this strain of actual research exists outside of this fictional realm here in the world in which I reside, and instead prefer to think I’m the only person ever to think up such a thing. In this alternate life I’ve led elsewhere, doing this musical exploration, I think it likely I’d find my synapses firing ridiculously should the ethereal notes of High Highs ever begin playing.

I’ve written extensively about them at this point, yet High Highs have once again enraptured my attention with a new song: “In A Dream.” The band’s airy melodies and soft vocals are once again on display, and offer an impression of what it may be like to float above the world leisurely in a hang glider, observing the inconsequential yet so important happenings below. Needless to say, I’ve bought in. Whether I’m actively listening or passively biding silence whilst attempting other projects with music in the background, High Highs fits the bill.

The single is from the band’s debut full length, already out today in Australia and next week here in the U.S.
Also, the track is free through iTunes as the song of the week.