[stream] Generationals // Spinoza

generationals heza cover

I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions, but looking back at the first two weeks of the year, it might seem as though I resolved to order any and everything new on vinyl. So far, I’ve only had the new Christopher Owens album delivered, but I have at least 7 outstanding orders, including one for the new Generationals album, Heza, which was announced this past week. The New Orleans twosome is now signed to indie stalwarts Polyvinyl, and they also unveiled the first single from the new album, the immediately accessible and wholly insatiable “Spinoza.”

On it, the pair is at the best I’ve ever heard them; it seems as though the move to Polyvinyl came with a certain reduction in the coats of polish their music wears, and for this outfit, that totally works. The vocals here are reminiscent of Isaac Brock’s better days, and the song wears a certain lo-fi surf mentality on its sleeve.

That’s not to say what’s on display here is going to translate to the rest of Heza, but I wouldn’t begrudge them another 9 songs in this vein. The pair has proven themselves adept at the shinier side of indie pop, and if they’re going to prove their chops on the shambolic side as well? Heza could end up being something special.

Pre-order Heza over at the Polyvinyl website on neon red vinyl, which is limited to 500 copies, or on cassette, or CD or digitally. Just get it.

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