[stream] Generationals // Put a Light On

generationals heza cover

Where have the past two weeks gone? Between work and school and St. Patrick’s Day and my birthday and (finally) getting caught up on Breaking Bad, they just vanished into the ether. I’m not lamenting that fact, but I did just realize that it’s been that long since we had anything new to talk about here. There is a glut of half-written posts hiding out behind the scenes of the blog; scraps of unfinished thoughts and incomplete sentences are just waiting to be made whole. When I get a chance to breathe, I’ll likely revisit those, but for now, here’s what I’ve been listening to intently for the past couple of days: Generationals’ new album Heza. The vinyl showed up at my house yesterday, and I nabbed my download of it as well, and it’s been spinning my gears ever since.

Heza is out this Tuesday. You can stream the whole thing through Hype Machine if you just can’t wait another minute to hear it. (And really, you shouldn’t wait another minute, because it’s a really good listen.) My favorite track is the second – the affable “Extra Free Year” – but the whole affair is worth multiple spins. Below is the Polyvinyl stream of the fifth track on Heza, “Put a Light On”, which will serve you just fine. But in all seriousness: buy this album and support this band if they’re in your neck of the woods. They’re playing Rochester on April 28 at Bug Jar. I’m getting my bells out so I can wear them to that show.

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