[stream] Gauntlet Hair // Keep Time (Pressed And Remix)

If you aren’t aware at this point, we really like Gauntlet Hair around here. Their noisy, reverb-soaked songs hit our collective ears just right. We saw the band perform at last year’s NxNE; I think Will saw them open for Unknown Mortal Orchestra this past October as well. If you’re a fan of the band, it’s worth it to see them live: their energy and complete lack of enunciation/lyrical understandability is translated into a live setting.

My fondness for the Denver outfit, however, made me immediately skeptical of this remix that was sent our way. We don’t often go in for remixes, but since it was Gauntlet Hair, I pressed play. Pressed And, whose fragmented name seems like it’s just waiting for some closure, turned “Keep Time,” from Gauntlet Hair’s 2011 self-titled debut, into a chopped, twitchy anthem that falls more in line with their own EP, Imbue Up, from last year. It doesn’t make the song any easier to understand, and it’s warped the vocals even further, screwing with pitch and making it something that both bands can claim as their own. It’s an interesting exercise, for sure.

As it turns out, that EP from Pressed And was released through Crash Symbols as an edition of 100, and as I write this there is only one copy remaining. If you like what they’ve done here, you might want to scoop that last copy of up for your very own at the Crash Symbols Bandcamp page.

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