[stream] Empire of the Sun // Alive

empire of the sun ice on the dune coverIt’s been about four years since Empire of the Sun’s falsetto-drenched debut, and the band has been dormant since then, unless you count the frontman, Luke Steele, showing up on the last Jay-Z album. When I woke up this morning, however, there was an email announcing that the pair has a new album due out on June 17/18 entitled Ice on the Dune, and the first single from it, “Alive.”

This first single doesn’t reveal any new direction or major changes, but it does put the pair’s feel-good, futuristic pop back at the forefront of my brain for the time being, and that’s never anything to complain about – particularly with the weather turning nicer this week. And while I’ll still long for another song as good as “Come To This” by The Sleepy Jackson, with this new effort from Empire of the Sun, I guess those dreams will continue to be put on hold.

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