[mp3] Decades // Tonight Again

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After releasing a 7″ single through White Girl Records late in 2012, Toronto band Decades recently announced their debut album will hit shelves on April 30th – again through the folks at White Girl. Accompanying that announcement was a new track, “Tonight Again”, which continues what the foursome started on the aforementioned single: a maudlin, despondent version take on early post-punk and New Wave. There are easy, standard comparisons to be made – Joy Division mainly – but those largely miss the point. Decades is hard at work putting their own spin on the genre.

“Tonight Again” starts out plainly enough; there are swirling guitars and downtrodden vocals to appease the most downward looking of shoegazers. And if the song went on for three or four minutes in just that vein, it would still be perfectly acceptable; the real fun starts with the chorus, however, a little less than a minute in, when the vocals go from merely sad to completely anguished. It’s impossible to imagine the appeal being delivered standing up; this is an on-the-knees plea. If it worked on the recipient, I’m unsure. But it clearly has worked on me.

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Decades // Tonight Again [mp3] from the forthcoming Decades