[stream] Bear In Heaven // The Reflection of You

I didn’t get Bear In Heaven’s 2009 release, Beast Rest Forth Mouth, until it was nearly 2010, so I didn’t have a chance to give it the listening it undoubtedly deserved. And I haven’t really listened to it in the intervening time, but I remember it to be a darker brand of synth pop, which is what’s been on my mind when listening to their newest track, “The Reflection of You,” from their upcoming album I Love You, It’s Cool: this isn’t the same Bear In Heaven, is it?

“The Reflection of You” is much sunnier than what I remember their last album to be; the overall ambiance of the track is still comprised of the same elements, but they’ve undergone a general chord change from minor to major. And damn does it work. I’m not particularly excited about many albums that are on the horizon at this point, but this song puts Bear In Heaven’s new release firmly in the “very interested” column. (The new Insane Clown Posse album, however, is entrenched in the “couldn’t care less” column. My columns are very specifically named.)

I Love You, It’s Cool will be seeing the light of day on April 3 through the people at Dead Oceans and Hometapes. No word on pre-orders at this point, but the band is gearing up for a lengthy tour around the end of March to coincide with the album’s release. That tour includes a date in Ithaca, all you Rochesterians, on May 6th. You can see the rest of the dates at their website.

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Bear In Heaven – The Reflection of You by Bear in Heaven