[stream] Beach Fossils // Generational Synthetic

beach fossils clash the truth

Captured Tracks, if it isn’t already, is quickly becoming an iconic indie label. It’s the type of label that has built and deserves the reputation for being followed in its own right; if an artist has material on Captured Tracks, there’s a good chance it’s going to be worth checking out. [Read this retrospective from The Phoenix about the label’s humble beginnings through today if you have the chance.]

Beach Fossils has spent their entire career on the label, having released various 7″ singles, and EP, and their debut album all under the Captured Tracks wing. Their new album, Clash the Truth, is due out on February 19, and “Generational Synthetic” is the second cut from it, released last week on Soundcloud for the fawning masses.

On it, the band is vocally at their most bored, conveying frontman Dustin Payseur’s conflict with corporate sponsorship of the band’s music – and of music in general. It’s not directed at anyone – or any entity – specifically, but it’s more a blanket damnation of the way Payseur’s chosen industry is operating. But just beyond the vocals is a snappy, shoegaze track that props up any sense of boredom one might get. Granted, that’s always been Beach Fossils’ modus opperandus

Clash the Truth is up for pre-order through the Captured Tracks website, and you can cop it in most any format your heart desires. I personally have it coming my way on vinyl. You should too.

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