[stream] Baths // Miasma Sky

baths miasma sky

This week is the 2013 iteration of South by Southwest, and everyone in the entire world is attending, taking Instagram photos of bleeding edge indie bands and filtering them so they look like the 1963 version of that band. (And by “the entire world” I’m referring to most everyone I follow along with on Twitter.) I’ve never been to South by Southwest – only the northern version that takes place in Toronto every June – and judging solely on the chatter that swirls around it, I’ve never felt particularly sad to miss waiting on line for hours to catch a band I care about only marginally. (I would, however, enjoy drinking for a week in the sun, but I’m cool with doing that among far less people.)

All that has very little to do with Baths, the project of Will Wiesenfeld of Los Angeles, except for the fact that he’s performing at the festival this week, which makes for a convenient tie-in. Wiesenfeld recently announced the follow-up to his 2009 debut Cerulean, and with it came this first single, titled “Miasma Sky.” The album, titled Obsidian, will see the glorious light of wide release on May 28th through the folks at Anticon, and it’s ostensibly darker than its predecessor. That’s not particularly evident from “Miasma Sky”‘s lighter sound, though its title and lyrics support that claim. (If you don’t know, “miasma” was considered a cloud that was responsible for the spread of disease. Now, you might call a cloud of smoke a ‘miasma’.)

All things considered, this is a nice re-introduction to what Baths does; “Lovely Bloodflow” from his debut was (and remains) a favorite of mine, and it’s nice to hear him back and still producing such high quality songs. (Also, if you follow him on Twitter, his Vine game is on point.)

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