[stream] Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti // Baby (cover)

Were it not for a multitude of varied reasons, I might still be subscribed to SiriusXM radio. In the intervening months and weeks since the initial three month trial I received upon purchasing the car equipped for the service, I’ve had more free trials to sample the wares, and when it’s available I’m certainly liable to listen. Specifically I’ll listen to the station XMU, especially the weekday afternoon blog radio shows from top music bloggers (and Carles). Since it has been some time since the event I can’t recall which show it was on, though I believe it to be the Gorilla vs. Bear program in which I first heard Donnie and Joe Emerson’s “Baby.” I’ve had an mp3 of the song for a few years now and it has become a mix staple of mine.

Interesting then, that an older song revitalized by music blogs has been covered by a band that exists almost entirely because of those same music shilling internet entities. I’m not saying Ariel Pink wouldn’t be making music without blogs, I’m simply stating the majority of the people who actually listen to APHG are already likely writing one, and/or is an avid reader of them. Take from that what you will. As for the cover, it is very true to its inspiration; languid and sexy in a retro, incredibly smooth manner. Stream it below.

Somewhat related to this, I had great difficulty embedding 4AD’s widget for the song, something other bloggers didn’t seem to have difficulty with. Luckily another stream was found, but it got me rethinking something I’ve pondered a bit lately, something I certainly can’t have been the only person to notice. Namely, that free mp3’s are going the way of the dodo. Videos and streams are the majority of what I see these days, both on blogs and on bigger sites, and I have to believe the music industry – at least the mids and majors – have stopped making mpfree’s of singles available. The streaming technology has gotten to a point where it is likely unnecessary to make free music files available for download, so I’m afraid we should all get used to streaming new music until we buy it (or some of you illegally obtain it). Is this good or bad? Just a thing?