[stream] Andrew Cedermark // Canis Major

andrew cedermark home life coverI hadn’t heard of Andrew Cedermark’s work before opening an email about his new single, “Canis Major.” Culled from his forthcoming sophomore album, Home Life, which is due out in the middle part of July through Underwater Peoples, the track is a rousing introduction to the artist.

As it turns out, Cedermark is the former guitarist for Titus Andronicus, though if you’d only heard this track, you might not be able to tell. On its face, the track reminds me of a cross between Damien Jurado and Andrew Bird, though Cedermark can turn up the twang in his voice when the need arises.

“Canis Major,” for the non-astronomy fans, is a constellation that’s best viewed in the month of February, and is one of Orion the Hunter’s (another constellation) two dogs, the other being Canis Minor.

There’s something perfect about the song on a day like today, when the temperature eliminates the need for a jacket and necessitates that windows are open. “Canis Major” is scuffed up and broken in perfectly, like the jeans and t-shirt you’ll be wearing to the bar for a post-work week beer.

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