Starflyer 59 – No New Kinda Story

Back when it was first conceived, Tooth & Nail was my musical savior.  They were a little more punk oriented as I got older, but the fact that I could purchase their wares at my local Christian themed bookstore made them acceptable in my parents’ house.  And while a lot of it was blatant rip-offs of what was going on in the rest of music – albeit two years too late, there were a few bands that are still enjoyable.  Starflyer 59 is one of those bands.  “No New Kinda Story” is one of my favorite songs of theirs.  While it’s a far cry from the dream pop/shoegaze of their early releases, I think they hit their stride here.  (Purists will undoubtedly disagree.)

Starflyer 59 – No New Kinda Story (mp3) from Everybody Makes Mistakes