St. Patrick’s Day 2010

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111027276 da4da19102 300x225 St. Patricks Day 2010Today is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade/Drink-a-Thon here in Rochester (and yes, that picture is Chicago, not Rochester), so I will be unresponsive to e-mails, text, etc. – and quite possibly to life at the end of the day.  If you want, follow the blog on Twitter.  I’m sure there is going to be some tomfoolery documented there, but I can’t guarantee it will be spelled correctly or even make sense.

But before I go drinking, my girlfriend and I are participating in the Running o’ the Green, which is a 5-mile race around downtown Rochester.  This is my first race ever, and while I am certainly not expecting anything other than to finish tomorrow, I hope it will be the first of many races.

I have my iPod ready to go with songs that get me moving.  I’ve talked about some of them previously, but here are a couple more that work to get the old framework to go, and a song about drinking, which will probably be my motivation for finishing – to drink sooner.  I hope everyone has a spectacular St. Patrick’s Day weekend, wherever you are.  Stay safe.

(Oh, and in case anyone asks, I won’t be posting my time from the race or anything like that.  It’s going to suck.  But if you’re that interested, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.)

David Bazan – Cold Beer and Cigarettes (mp3) from Fewer Moving Parts St. Patricks Day 2010 EP

Outkast – B.O.B. (mp3) from Stankonia St. Patricks Day 2010

Black Kids – Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo) (mp3) from Partie Traumatic St. Patricks Day 2010

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    That water looks unhealthy. Like radioactive?