[mp3] Spanish Prisoners // Slow Decay

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spanishprisonersbandphoto [mp3] Spanish Prisoners // Slow Decay

Every so often some music blogger writes a lengthy piece on how blogs are dying or why they’re quitting. These statements usually result in some twitter discussion amongst others of the same ilk discussing the state of the blogosphere before things swiftly return to the status quo shortly thereafter. I usually mildly agree with certain aspects of what is written, but tend to find the treatises empty of much meaning. I won’t pretend we haven’t had our behind the scenes ‘what does it all mean’ existential crises here, but we haven’t written at length of our frustrations with ‘the game.’ A week or so ago David Greenwald of Rawkblog wrote of his feelings on the subject, then followed things up with this. In his case it was intellectual thought on how one might improve things on their lonely sites. I agree with a large many of his points, and in fact we strive towards a majority of his bullet points of our own accord. The reason I bring this up now, is due to the inclusion of number six on his list.

[mp3] Spanish Prisoners // Slow Decay

I’ve written about Spanish Prisoners quite a bit already, but am going to make certain I tackle their album thoroughly. I continue making repeat travels through their album Gold Fools, and with each subsequent listen I find it even more difficult to comprehend why there has been such a relative dearth of internet chatter regarding it. “Slow Decay” has quickly become a highlight from the record, featuring some of my favorite guitars from the nine tracks. Starting slowly with moody tones and jangly guitars at the outset, a hiss of feedback and heavy drum progress things forward. I never feel as if my descriptions are such that make people wish to experience what I do, but despite my clunky writing just know this record and this song have become strong contenders in my personal push to year’s end lists.  I didn’t think “Rich Blood” would even be approached with another contender for favorite, but “Slow Decay” certainly has it on the ropes.

As a bit of an aside, after I drafted this post up and began writing on the subject yesterday, Zach from We Listen For You actually had the aforementioned Rawkblog Dave on their latest Soundcast to discuss his list. Within their discussion Zach gave mention to tympanogram once again as one of his favorite blogs. Thanks Zach.