[stream] Spanish Prisoners // Prior Art

Forgive me for going back to the well once again, but it’s just so easy to spread the joy I receive from personal favorites, Spanish Prisoners. I do so once again because just this week, Prior Art, their limited cassette-only release was unleashed for music consumers with retro tendencies, i.e. those who still own cassette players. Featuring assorted reworks of their own originals, the band too reworks tracks from the likes of Clams Casino and Twin Sister. Sun Glitters and Rimar lend their talents to touching up “Know No Violence” and “Rich Blood” respectively as well.

Taken as distinct sides, the release features ambient extensions of the blissed-out fuzz and distortion we’ve come to know from the band, winding into and out of songs with more familiar structures to form two lengthier seamless wholes. As a supporter of the band’s Kickstarter earlier this year, I was lucky enough to receive the tape a few weeks ago along with a rad t-shirt from the band that is likely to become my new concert going staple. While I may not have a cassette player readily available, if you do this is certainly worth your while.

You can stream the release in its entirety here.