Snow Patrol – Chocolate

I was in Wegmans yesterday with my girlfriend doing our weekly grocery shopping when Snow Patrol’s “Hands Open” came on over the musak.  While it didn’t improve or detract from my shopping experience (I was picking out oranges when I first heard it), it reminded me of a band that I used to enjoy, but has been oft derided after ascending to the Adult Alternative apex after their break on Grey’s Anatomy a few year’s back.

Final Straw was nothing revelatory; it was just a solid release from a band that hadn’t received a lot of attention on this side of the Atlantic.  Their music caught the ears of the right people, and the rest, as they say, is history.  “Chocolate” was my personal anthem from about 5 years ago (since I was “a child of 25,” and not particularly creative.)  And it’s still catchy.

Snow Patrol – Chocolate (mp3) from Final Straw

  • Deucemckenzie

    The Wegman's I shop at (Pittsford) has been making some rather interesting musical selections lately. Last night they definitely broke out The XX. It was also one of the more dark and sexual songs on the record (I love the record, but for some reason can't keep the titles straight). I stood there with a slightly confused look on my face for a bit and one of the helpful Wegman's staff came by to see if I needed assistance, not your typical supermarket PA fare.

  • tympanogram

    We go out to the Calkins Road store. But I can honestly say it was the first time I've actually taken notice of what's being played. They could just be repeating “eat” over the PA the whole time I'm there for all I know.