SG Lewis // No Less (feat. Louis Mattrs)

sg lewis shivers

During my time away from the blog world, my now-wife and I spent a lot of time a) wedding planning and b) catching up on various television series that we had, for one reason or another, neglected. One such show was the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson vehicle Ballers that was on HBO, which was basically an Entourage for the NFL set. It wasn’t particularly noteworthy or challenging, mostly because it’s difficult to feel any empathy for characters that are rich and famous trying to get laid and/or paid.

And while Ballers isn’t a show I am champing at the bit to continue watching, whoever is selecting the music on the show is doing an outstanding job. It contains a nice mix of old and new hip-hop – and there were a couple of times that I found myself saying “oh! I forgot about that song!” It was a nice reminder to revisit some of those artists.

In terms of music I hadn’t already heard, there’s one scene toward the end of the first (and, to this point only) season where Denzel Washington’s son (I forget both his name and his character’s name, even though it would literally take less time to Google them than it did to write this sentence) is feeling sad about his life while in a bedroom that is likely the size of my house. Anyway, the song they use at that moment is called “Warm” by a London artist named SG Lewis. I honestly think it was the only time I had any affinity toward anyone in the show, but it was completely because of the song placement and not because Mr. Washington’s character finally realized that sleeping around on his girlfriend was not a good life choice.

SG Lewis, as it turns out, has more music up his British sleeves than just the aforementioned “Warm”, and actually released a four song EP in the latter half of 2015 called Shivers that showcases his penchant for mesmeric slow-tronic. Each song on the EP has its merits, but I’m partial to “No Less” which features the stylings of Louis Mattrs, another London beatsmith.

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