[mp3] Sam Flax // Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself

Photo credit: Katie Miller

As one can easily tell due to the lack of recent output around here, I’ve had a difficult time finding inspiration to write. This is entirely my fault however, and not a referendum on what has been released for the world in recent weeks. What is so abundantly obvious to me at certain times, yet completely foreign at others, is that there are endless supplies of talented musicians just waiting to be unearthed. All I really need to do is drop in to our email inbox with endless amounts of patience and time, yet during the many moments when I’m lacking those virtues, I can stop by any number of bookmarked music sites for some ear-grabbing goodness. My usual routine is to download any number of tracks, throw them into a specific playlist I’ve long held for songs of this type, and then proceed to immerse myself in the potential pleasures to come. As is often the case, this playlist found a good deal worth my ear’s while at IGIF.

[mp3] Sam Flax // Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself

The fire that is Sam Flax’s “Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself” may not be self-propelling, but it certainly burns something fierce. I haven’t heard quite so catchy a chorus in some time, and this Californian outfit has me paying serious attention to their unique garage/beach sounds. You can stream ten tracks in total from their album Age Waves, which they have a limited tape of out on Burger Records. You can hit up their Bandcamp below for the digi-version to stream or download, and in recent fashion they have a note indicating an LP is coming. That will be some wax to check out.

Sam Flax // Bandcamp | web | Facebook