Rosie Thomas – Much Farther to Go

It might be a little early for me to be listening to songs like this; I usually reserve these kind of depression-inducing favorites for sometime in the middle of January, when I haven’t seen a morning where I’m not brushing the snow from my car before heading out to work for a good 6 weeks, and won’t again for another 6 weeks at least.  But in this case, I’ll make an exception.

If I didn’t know that Rosie Thomas was such a prankster, I would assume that – based on her catalog of songs – she was the most heartbroken woman in history.  This particular song – from her album These Friends of Mine – features Sufjan Stevens on banjo and backing vocals.  It’s a hauntingly beautiful track about the loneliness that accompanies accepting the end of a relationship – with another person, with a city, with a former way of living.

Don’t listen to it too much.  Between the tryptophan and this, you’ll cry yourself into a coma.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Rosie Thomas – Much Farther To Go (mp3) from These Friends of Mine