[review] Death Grips // NO LOVE DEEP WEB

By now you should have heard Death Grips’ NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Or, at the very least, you should have heard about it. The erect penis on the cover, the blatant “fuck you” the band gave their label when they were told it wouldn’t be released until next year by putting it out immediately and for free, the complete and utter mindfuck the release is.

I could write a bunch and tell you how it makes me feel, as a thirtysomething guy from the suburbs of Western New York, but viewing it through my own lens isn’t something I’m particularly interested in since I’m having a difficult time finding appropriate words. (I don’t love the album. It’s an interesting listen, but it wears a bit thin after a while.)

So. I took to the morass of the internet for my favorite thoughts on the album – Soundcloud comments – and tried to come up with a cohesive thought on each song. I filtered out anything that said “FUCK YEAHHHHH!!!!!” or used the phrase “killing it,” and I didn’t look at any of the bloggers who posted “Blogged at:….” Here we go. I’m not going to bother with a sic everywhere it’s warranted.

“Come Up and Get Me”
@TANTE ELZE: really great. kant understand shit but it made me almost cry you feel dog ?

“Lil Boy”
jesus christ my boy pussy is juiced

“No Love”
Hopefully anarchist UFC fighter Jeff monson’s new entrance song

“Black Dice”
omg so good please rape my ears

“World of Dogs”
This song scared my dog.

“Lock Your Doors”
brainwave infection vector

Like Prodigy, only better.

“Hunger Games”
I still can’t believe… The album art… Is a fucking… Wiener….

“Deep Web”
woop. fucking woop.

This is the song to electrocute David Blaine with!

why do they call this anti-music? this sound like rick ross and an odd future beat

“Bass Rattle Stars Out the Sky”
That synth sound is blatantly ripped from a “Die Like a Rockstar”. The difference is, Danny Brown waits to release til the material is ready. This album dropped like a preemie baby in an Apple Store. A wet hot mess with no love.

“Artificial Death In the West”
Best album of 2012. I’m going to go kill myself now because I can’t listen to this album for the first time ever again.

And there you have it. You can get your own copy of NO LOVE DEEP WEB if you don’t already have it over at Death Grips’ website.