Remix Wednesday: Phoenix – 1901 (Build Remix)

This is a remix I’ve had bouncing around since the beginning of March after “1901” was literally posted on that many blogs, including ours.  This particular remix is not as upbeat as the original track, but it’s equally as compelling.  Build’s take on the track is darker, understated, and does away with the pop elements of Phoenix’s version.  When played in succession, it shows just how versatile the track really is – which is undoubtedly why it’s one of the most remixed tracks of 2009.  (Is there another that comes close?  Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream?”  Maybe.)

Looking around the interwebs for info about the remixing artist, I discovered that the moniker “Build” has been retired in favor of much the much less hipster sounding “Shadows of Thunder” as of last week.  There are no tracks posted for Shadows of Thunder, but I kind of hope that it’s exclusively 80’s hair metal remixes.  Or maybe it’s the musical equivalent of this guy’s art.  Time will tell, I suppose.

Phoenix – 1901 (mp3) from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Phoenix – 1901 (Build Remix) (mp3)