[mp3] Release The Sunbird // I Will Walk

Rogue Wave may not be the coolest band to grace the planet, at least based on their last couple of albums, but their sophomore release, Descended Like Vultures, was one of my favorites back in the middle part of the 2000’s. There’s something comforting about Zach Rogue’s curious tenor, and despite the band’s journey to the adult alternative charts, Descended Like Vultures continues to be a favorite of mine. (There was something about that time in my life where I gravitated toward those bands without any particular snap to them. Youth Group’s Skeleton Jar was another favorite of mine back then.)

I’m uncertain of what Rogue Wave is up to these days, although it could be that they are on a hiatus. (We know how they feel.) I was listening through a summertime mix that Heather put up on I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, and Rogue’s vocals caught my ear. As it turns out, he’s now fronting a new project called Release The Sunbird, who, I came to find out, already have a full-length album and subsequent EP released.

“I Will Walk” is on that EP, titled Imaginary Summer, despite its release this past February. On it, Rogue doesn’t do much to differentiate this project from his former band; “I Will Walk” would have sounded equally at home on latter-day Rogue Wave albums. That said, the song isn’t bad per se, but it doesn’t give me the same twinge that “Salesman At The Day Of The Parade” did all those years ago. Maybe that says something about me more than it does Rogue and Release The Sunbird, however.

Fun Fact: The song is a reject from the soundtrack to the Paul Giamatti movie Win Win, which, if you haven’t seen it, is well worth the time you’ll invest in it.

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Release The Sunbird // I Will Walk [mp3] from Imaginary Summer EP