Random Thursday Tracks

Short and sweet is the name of today’s game.  I’ve got another three day weekend coming up because my girlfriend’s sister is getting married, and so things are busy ’round the homestead.  Here are a few of songs that don’t require lengthy treatises on their merits – just a couple tracks to like or not; I fall more on the side of like than dislike for all of them, personally.

1. I’ve had this song in my library for a little while now, and it draws an almost immediate reaction of positive or negative from anyone who hears it.  I liked it right off, and my girlfriend wanted to change it after the same amount of time.

Air France – Collapsing at Your Doorstep (mp3) from No Way Down

2. A friend of the blog’s said that The Rural Alberta Advantage’s Hometowns was a “must buy.”  I’m not inclined to make any statement to either support or refute that claim, but if it was all like the album’s opener, I’d probably agree.  This song reminds me of a kind of hybrid of The Postal Service and The Tragically Hip.

The Rural Alberta Advantage – The Ballad of the RAA (mp3) from Hometowns

3. Does he say “Obama” or “O mama” in the chorus?  (This is not a serious question.)  Whichever it is, it’s catchy as hell.

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing (mp3)

  • Mark

    Glad to see The RAA finally get some love on your blog. I love the whole album, but especially the album’s closing track, “In the Summertime.”