Psychobuildings – Paradise

When it comes to Psychobuildings, I have very little to go on as far as information is concerned.  What I can cull from various sources goes something like this:

Brooklyn via DC, Small Black’s record label, Talking Heads, limited run of 7″, All Hands Electric, New Wave, David Byrne, David Byrne, David Byrne

The aforementioned 7″ will be released through All Hands Electric shortly – and “Paradise” is the b-side of it.  In between the yelps and stream of consciousness lyrics sung over a chunky, looping beat, think of a New Wave dance-rock resurgence.  Then think about how much sense it makes, and how good it actually is, and how good it would have sounded blasting out of your boom box in 1980s NYC.  And then turn it up.

Psychobuildings – Paradise (mp3) from Birds of Prey/Paradise 7″

  • Jake

    Effing sweet.

  • sydney

    Great Music..want more..where can I get the cd ???

  • tympanogram

    Sydney – as far as we know, there's only the 7″ available through the All Hands Electric link. But if we find out more, we'll let you know.