Pete and The Pirates – Knots

This is another song that’s on my running iPod.  (Speaking of running, does anyone have good suggestions for earbuds/headphones that are good for running?  I’d prefer under $50.)  Anyway, when I was scrolling through my library this past week, I picked it back out after not listening to it for a while.  It’s the kind of garage/dance-rock that was all the rage a couple of years ago, so it’s nothing extraordinary, but it’s a catchy, solid track.

Pete and The Pirates is a British band that have only released one full-length album to this point (2008’s Little Death) – and that was almost exactly two years ago.  I kind of wonder what’s going to happen with all the bands who fall into this category, because there is certainly not room in the current musical atmosphere for all of them to release another album like their first.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Pete and The Pirates – Knots (mp3) from Little Death

  • Deucemckenzie

    I tend to go really cheap for my running headphones. They take a beating and often are out in the rain or other less than ideal conditions. I've had four pairs of these over the last decade:

    They are very secure on the ear, have reasonable sound for my exercise needs, and are cheap enough to replace when they eventually get damaged.

  • tympanogram

    Thank you! I just got a $30 pair at Best Buy, and they've been fine for the two days I've had them. The cord is too long, in my opinion, but I can deal with that.

    Next time, I'm have to try those out.

  • Margo

    This is on my running playlist too! Haha.
    I saw them live at a tiny club here in Reading, where they're from. They were incredible – they deserve room!