PAS/CAL – The Bronzed Beach Boys (Come on Let’s Go)

Formed in Detroit, Michigan in 2002, PAS/CAL make the kind of twee pop that will give you a toothache.  “The Bronzed Beach Boys (Come on Let’s Go)” is off of the band’s first EP – The Handbag Memoirs – and it showcases a pure pop sensibility that is second-to-none.

I could have sworn that this song was used in a car commercial, but I can’t find it to save my life. (That’s hyperbole, really.  I could probably find it if I looked harder, but I’m not in the mood today.)  The sun is shining here today, so despite the chill in the air, this is fitting.

PAS/CAL – The Bronze Beached Boys (Come on Let’s Go) (mp3) from The Handbag Memoirs EP