[mp3] In Brief :: Oberhofer // Dead Girls Dance (Way Yes remix)

While doing some research for a concert preview of the band I wrote up earlier today, I came across this remix from Way Yes and felt it worth mentioning, even if only in passing. Andy first wrote about Way Yes almost exactly one year ago when discussing their track “Johanna.” I’m only vaguely familiar with the name of Oberhofer – the author of the remixed original – so I’m lacking in the way of knowledge of their original material. I’m unaware of the differences between it and the remix, and in the interest of time and brevity I’ll leave it to you to find the original if you so choose.

[mp3] Oberhofer // Dead Girls Dance (WAY YES Remix)

That concert with Way Yes is next Thursday, 12/8, in the worn confines of the Bug Jar.

  • soundhound

    Oberhofer is the last name of the one and only member of the band, and he/it rocks. From what I know, he plays guitar and sings, and samples various drum beats and occasionally other sounds, such as whistling. His sound is way more straightforward than this, like a more garage-bandesque version of GROUPLOVE, but at 18, his rawness works in his favor, and his lyrics are great. Check out “I Could Go” or my favorite, “Away From U”. You can’t deny his passion.