Mux Mool – Lady Linda

Mux Mool.  It’s a mash-up of a name, described more in depth on the artist’s MySpace page – but an apropos one, mixing the modern with the timeless to forge something new.  I personally thought it was an anagram of sorts, so I put it into the Internet Anagram Server, but only came up with three results – none of which were particularly funny or compelling.

The Brooklyn-cum-Minnesota electro-hop artist strikes at something with this track; it’s almost airy, but vaguely centering.  “Lady Linda” starts with what seems like the soundtrack to a classic NES game before layering the rest of the track; a heavy bassline anchors the entire process – which would be spacey enough to lift off without it.

Mux Mool’s new album – Skulltaste – is due in March via Ghostly.

Mux Mool – Lady Linda (mp3) from the forthcoming Skulltaste