[mp3/video] Danny Brown // Grown Up

Danny Brown is fucking awesome and radical. I, like most it seems, slept on him for too long. My eyes were finally opened during his stellar 2011 campaign. His album, XXX, was one of the best releases of the year. And Brown stole the show on many of his cameos/features. If you doubt his awesomeness, stop reading this post for a minute and listen to his song “Monopoly.” And if that doesn’t cement his awesomeness in your mind, I don’t know what else to say.

This year has brought more of the same for Brown. While he hasn’t released an album, he has been very busy. With a remix tape with Black Noi$e, and insane features on songs by Ab-Soul and El-P, Brown isn’t relenting. His best work in 2012 might be “Grown Up.” On this Party Supplies-produced song, Brown delivers a coming-of-age tale in a truly goofy, off-center, and brilliant way. (Party Supplies is the same gentleman who produced Action Bronson’s fucking awesome Blue Chips mixtape earlier this year.)

“Grown Up” is short and sweet. In the video, we get the full story about how Brown messed up his teeth. It features a young man portraying the self-described Adderall Admiral. The track, like the video, is great fun. It is surely in contention for the best hip hop song of 2012.

Watch the video below and then go download the song for the price of an email address from the folks at ScionAV.