[mp3/mix] Cr∆sh Symbols – Dope Mountain Fuck

We don’t do a lot regarding labels we like around here.  There are a few we like that we make sure to buy stuff from: Forest Family, Small Plates, Father/Daughter, Fire Talk – but having a label these days seems like it’s no longer something exclusive – and a lot of hard work for what has to be limited reward.  (I’d be lying, however, if I said that we haven’t discussed it.)  The labels I mentioned are all vinyl labels, which seems infinitely easier to market than the cassette only labels that seem to be popping up more frequently lately.

With that said, Cr∆sh Symbols – a cassette only label out of Morgantown (let’s assume West Virginia) – has a pretty solid line-up ready to work with, as evidenced by the recent mix they released entitled Dope Mountain Fuck.  You can and should pick the entire thing up for free over at the label’s bandcamp page.  (Follow the links.)  Head over to their webpage to check out their upcoming releases and pre-order something for yourself.  Good luck finding something to play it on, however.

Fox Hands – Patella (mp3) from Dope Mountain Fuck