[mp3/b-side] Geographer – Age of Consent (New Order cover)

After getting Geographer’s fantastic EP Animal Shapes, I went out and grabbed the 7″ vinyl of “Kites.”  (I have a penchant for limited edition 7″ singles, I’ve found.  I’m much more likely to drop $5 on a vinyl single than I am an album on vinyl for some strange reason.)  And the b-side of that single is a fantastic cover of New Order’s “Age of Consent.”

This track is right in the wheelhouse for Michael Deni’s vocals, and while Geographer’s take on the track is about 45 seconds shorter than the original because they pare down the instrumental parts, it’s equally as viable.  Stream the track below, and head over to Tricycle Records and buy a copy of the 7″ if you’d like to own it yourself.  The single comes with a download card, so you can take it with you on your iPod.

Tomorrow Geographer will also be releasing two remixes of tracks from their Animal Shapes EP – a remix of “Kites” by Limousines and a remix of “Paris” by Wallpaper.  Look for those as well.

Geographer – Age of Consent by Tympanogram