[mp3] Tyler Lyle // These Days (Jackson Browne/Nico Cover) (Live)

I talked about Tyler Lyle here earlier in the year; I’d been consuming his breathtaking album, The Golden Age and The Silver Girl at unsafe amounts. It was making me nostalgic for times best left in the rearview mirror, and generally leaving me at a loss for proper function. We’ve all had the type of relationship that Lyle sings about on that album, only he was able to condense the end of his into a dozen songs, whereas the rest of us are only able to move on in short bursts of courage and alcohol.

I had to physically take that album out of my car for fear I’d go careening off the road at some point, wracked with grief and sorrow. But The Golden Age and The Silver Girl comes back to me strong at times, and this weekend was one of those times. I had to make a short, 45 minute round trip to recycle an old computer, and Lyle was my accompaniment on the road.

Luckily for me, Heather at Fuel/Friends has been championing Lyle’s music for longer, and with more gusto, even going so far as to record him for one of her impeccable Chapel Sessions. The session itself is all great – Lyle is as arresting in that setting as he was on his album – but I’ve been all wrapped up in his cover of Jackson Browne’s “These Days,” which was (probably) more famously covered by Nico, and subsequently used on every indie film’s soundtrack.

And goddamn. It’s not a reimagining of the song; it’s faithful to the version(s) you know, but it’s clean and clear and feels more honest than the others for me. So, here’s the cover that’s been rattling around in my head. I hope Heather doesn’t mind my reposting it, but please do yourself the solid of picking up the whole session right over here. And get The Golden Age and The Silver Girl right here. Just remember: everything in moderation.

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Tyler Lyle // These Days (Nico_Jackson Browne) [mp3] from Fuel/Friends Chapel Session #16