[mp3] Theophilus London – Hey Wonderful

I first heard this quick, throwback track from Theophilus London this past weekend, so if it’s been out for a while, you’ll have to forgive me.  It boasts a thick, 80’s-soaked beat with a less-than-a-minute long verse from London.  And then, toward the end as the beat extends into what feels like perpetuity, a clip of Stevie Wonder’s “Love Light In Flight” chimes in, and it’s perfection.  I’m picturing it being used in a Miami Vice-type movie montage – filmed somewhere tropical – where the leading man cop meets a gorgeous Kelly McGillis chick and takes her out on the town.

London has a couple of shows lined up, which you can check out over on his MySpace.  Also, grab his first single – “Humdrum Town” through Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound. He also has a couple of mixtapes out for free download as well.  Find This Charming Mixtape and I Want You.

Theophilus London – Hey Wonderful (mp3)