mp3 Smörgåsbord #8

In a day late, no joking edition of the Smörgåsbord, we’re making a meal from some leftover goodness. First, a track from a band whose name we never know how to pronounce correctly, followed by some reheated British dubstep, smothered in a recently requested b-side and topped off with a Wino cover. Eat up.

Guillemots – Made Up Lovesong #43 (mp3) from Through the Windowpane

Burial – Archangel (mp3) from Untrue

Bloc Party – Cavaliers and Roundheads (mp3) from Hunting for Witches [single]

Arctic Monkeys – You Know I’m No Good (mp3)

  • Sven

    excellent, thank you

  • Hanan

    that Arctic Monkeys cover is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. THANK YOU!

    Alex covers songs so well…

  • pandapitt

    Totally rad, thanks a bunch :)