mp3 Smörgåsbord #27

This week’s Smörgåsbord is the first of its kind here on the blog – Gluten Free!  Maybe next we’ll try our hand at a kosher meal, but there are lots of rules we’d have to follow, and we don’t have them down just yet.  Until then, eat up – but not too much, or you’re liable to get fat.

Tokyo Police Club – Nursery, Academy (Remix By Flowers Forever) (mp3) from Elephant Shell Remixes

David Bazan – Bless This Mess (mp3) from the forthcoming Curse Your Branches (due September 1!!)

Charles Manson – Look At Your Game Girl (mp3) *

* This is that Charles Manson.  From a merely artistic standpoint, this song is intriguing, and while the reason for the artist’s fame is undoubtedly reprehensible, this song represents an interesting “What if…” – at least to us.

  • mark

    Although i was not able to confirm it with an internet search, I have it on good authority (a former professor and huge Beach Boys fan) that Mr. Manson is also responsible for the Beach Boys hit “Forever”.

  • Andy

    Here you go:

    Check out song 10.